It's not my comeback movie

Our dimpled diva Preity Zinta is loved by millions but she is not ready to settle for marriage yet. She mentioned that her focus right now is on making more movies and wants to give all the time to her new projects. "I can only say wait and watch. Right now I have time only for my film", says Zinta.

The gorgeous actress has upcoming movie 'Ishkq in Paris' to release in the box office soon. But she does not feel 'Ishkq in Paris' is a movie to mark a comeback. "I find the term strange. Recently I read about Rani Mukherjee making a comeback too. But, she just did a film in January. It's all hype. Does anyone question Aamir Khan when he has a gap of years between his releases?", said Zinta in a recent interview with Times of India.

Zinta's 'Ishkq in Paris' to release soon


Prem Raj, the director of Preity Zinta's 'Ishkq in Paris', has undergone a successful surgery. He made sure the movie was all set for release before he underwent treatment for cancer. However, Zinta has decided to wait till he returns. She has always had faith in her director and was confident that he would complete the task at hand. Prem Raj was elated to express that all the final touches had been given to the movie.

After the surgery Prem Raj sent out a bright and optimistic text message, "The treatment is going successfully. By God's grace I am out of cancer. I am looking forward to life now".

What can one say? The Bollywood film industry is not just full of controversies and financial game plans. It instills a deeper connection between people who want to genuinely reach out to each other.




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